Kaspersky at GITEX 2023: Elevating Cybersecurity in Critical Infrastructure

In a world increasingly reliant on digitalization, the importance of cybersecurity cannot be overstated, especially in critical infrastructure sectors. Kaspersky, a global leader in cybersecurity, made waves at GITEX Global 2023 by unveiling innovative solutions and joining hands with Saudia Dairy and Food Stuff Company (SADAFCO) to elevate cyber literacy in the Middle East’s critical infrastructure sector.

ndustrial infrastructure in today’s digital era. It acts as a testing ground for Kaspersky’s innovative Cyber Immune solutions, ensuring secure digitalization across sectors. What’s intriguing is the use of KasperskyOS for Mobile, showcased through a prototype mobile device.

The solutions presented at the Digital Factory include:

  • Kaspersky Thin Client
  • Kaspersky IoT Secure Gateway
  • Kaspersky Industrial CyberSecurity
  • KasperskyOS for Mobile

Visitors also got a sneak peek at the updated Kaspersky Thin Client’s new features and interface.

Understanding Urgency: Cyber Threats in Critical Infrastructure

Kaspersky and SADAFCO’s collaboration aims to tackle the increasing cyber threats in critical infrastructure. According to Kaspersky’s ICS CERT landscape report, the Middle East experienced higher attack rates on Industrial Control System (ICS) computers in the first half of 2023 compared to the global average. The energy sector, oil & gas, and manufacturing were the top targets.

The Need for Cyber Literacy

Shrikanth Andali, CIO at Saudia Dairy and Food Stuff Company, highlighted the need for cyber literacy in critical infrastructure. As digital transformation accelerates, cybersecurity becomes paramount. SADAFCO is actively working on cybersecurity training and education to safeguard its operations and contribute to the protection of critical industries in Saudi Arabia.

Kaspersky’s Role in Securing Critical Infrastructure

Evgeny Goncharov, Head of Kaspersky ICS CERT, stressed the unique challenges in the Middle East due to its global energy role and rapid industrialization. Protecting these facilities is not just a regional but a global imperative.

Cybersecurity Recommendations

Kaspersky’s experts recommend:

  • Regular security assessments for OT systems
  • Continuous vulnerability assessment and triage
  • Timely updates for OT network components
  • Use of EDR solutions for threat detection
  • Enhancing incident prevention, detection, and response skills

For organizations, SADAFCO suggests:

  • Prioritizing employee education and training
  • Implementing robust Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) practices
  • Evaluating cybersecurity and data privacy governance
  • Tracking company KPIs against ESG metrics
  • Maintaining transparency in cybersecurity measures across all workforce levels


Kaspersky at GITEX Global 2023 displayed its unwavering commitment to secure critical infrastructure and boost cyber awareness in the Middle East. With innovative solutions and partnerships, the region can navigate digital transformation with greater resilience against evolving cyber threats. Kaspersky remains a trusted guardian of the digital world, ensuring a safer, more secure future. Visit their stand at Hall 25, Stand H25-A30, to explore their solutions in person.