August 12, 2021 - Press Releases
Kaspersky research highlights that malware is widespread across the Middle East, accounting for 161 million of attacks and growing by 17% when compared to the last year figure – 138 million.
July 28, 2021 - Press Releases
According to Kaspersky survey, 65% respondents in the United Arab Emirates highlighted that they or their loved ones suffered from criminals via social networks. In most cases fraudsters pretended to be a familiar of potential victims: the manipulation scheme presented a request for help from a friend (62%).
July 25, 2021 - Press Releases
Although Kaspersky’s research shows that the overall number of financial malware attacks in United Arab Emirates (UAE) has decreased in the first half of 2021, when compared to the same period in 2020, 37.8% of the 25 811 attacks recorded in the country targeted corporate users, which is a cause for concern, warn Kaspersky experts.
June 28, 2021 - Press Releases
Kaspersky and ownCloud today announce the start of their technology partnership to integrate Kaspersky Scan Engine with the ownCloud Enterprise collaboration platform.
June 06, 2021 - Press Releases
A new Kaspersky Safe Kids study has revealed what children were interested in during 2020 - 2021.
May 19, 2021 - Press Releases
The recent Kaspersky survey showed that 62% of people in the UAE dealt with the fraudsters who were trying to steal money, bank card details, internet banking credentials in 2020.
May 03, 2021 - Press Releases
Kaspersky conducted a study based on anonymized OS metadata provided by consenting Kaspersky Security Network users.
April 27, 2021 - Press Releases
From 2019 to 2020, the number of Kaspersky users encountering targeted ransomware—malware used to extort money from high-profile targets, such as corporations, government agencies, and municipal organizations—increased by 767%.
April 11, 2021 - Press Releases
There is a common misconception that the most dangerous threats on the modern users’ digital journeys are encountered during Internet surfing
April 07, 2021 - Press Releases
A clear majority of all consumers (65%) in the META region would sever ties with a service provider if it suffered any form of data breach, according to a study of 15,000 consumers worldwide conducted by global security company Kaspersky.
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