Kaspersky QR Scanner Is on Guard!

As is, a QR code can quickly take you to a site or another resource but not necessarily to the one you really want to visit. Thus Kaspersky Lab offers a free and safe QR scanner!

In God we trust; the rest we check — this is a wise principle in terms of security that includes the use of widespread QR codes. Not many suspect that someone could replace a code on an official advertisement displayed in a bank, on public transportation, or in a museum or other institution. Still, there were many cases of malicious QR codes being neatly placed over legitimate ones.

Kaspersky QR Scanner App

Stop reading. Start using!

There are some ways to fight the QRishing, but they all require your efforts and attention. You have to be suspicious when you are going to scan a code – what if it the legitimate code has been replaced with a malicious one? Checking the links you are taken to may not sound fun, and probably eliminates the convenience of the QRs to begin with. Luckily, in this digital age, there is a simpler way to protect yourself, e.g. the free Kaspersky QR Scanner app.

It works just like a common QR scanner, but with an essential bonus: The app checks every code it scans. Kaspersky QR Scanner gives you quick, easy, and safe access to websites, images and text. It lets you connect safely to Wi-Fi and saves contact details from business cards in seconds without manual input.

Kaspersky QR Scanner App Screenshot 1

The app is available for Apple iOS and Google Android. It has a neat, simple, and easy-to-use interface with no-frills features: it scans, then checks, and then opens if everything is okay. If not, you’ll see a warning.

Kaspersky QR Scanner App Screenshot 2

Use the Kaspersky QR scanner to stay safe from QR scams. Be sure to check other apps for a secure mobile experience from Kaspersky, e.g., Kaspersky Safe Browser for iOS and Windows Phone, Kaspersky Internet Security for Android and Kaspersky Password Manager for iOS and Android.

Kaspersky QR Scanner at Apple App Store

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