SAS postscript: Major highlights webinar invitation

Who hacked the Olympics? How can malware spread over routers? And what’s Sofacy up to?

Recapping #TheSAS2017 in 10 Tweets

For those who could not attend this year’s Kaspersky Security Analyst Summit (SAS) we’re offering a webinar that will cover major topics presented on SAS. Costin Raiu, head of our Global Research & Analysis Team (GReAT) will hold an online session where he will describe the tools, techniques, and targets of the most-sophisticated threat actors, and also give tips on detecting and countering them to protect your company. In particular, he will talk about:

  • Who was really behind the Olympics hack;
  • How one of the most sophisticated cyberespionage campaigns, Slingshot, penetrated its victim’s networks;
  • The current targets and instruments of the Sofacy group.


However, Costin’s talk is not the only webinar in our “SAS postscript” series. On March 14, Kaspersky Lab security researchers Vicente Diaz and Sergey Lozhkin will hold webinars focused on threat hunting.

The first one, held by Vicente, will teach you how to harvest cyberintelligence when the criminals are completely in the shadows and avoid even the most sophisticated threat hunters. You can join it by registering on BrightTALK directly.

The second one will be dedicated to underground threat intelligence gathering. Sergey Lozhkin will show you what can be found on underground cybercriminal marketplaces, including data on recent trends, leaked vulnerabilities, and the newest financial malware samples. You can join this webinar on BrightTALK as well.

Can’t attend? Recordings of the webinars will be accessible afterwards on BrightTALK.