Transatlantic Cable podcast, episode 82

Facebook suing developers from Ukraine, Apex Legends’ battle against cheaters, Facebook’s double-edged sword on privacy, and more.

An underlying theme of this week’s podcast is cheating. This comes across in many ways — from cheating the system to theft and online gaming.

We kick off the 82nd edition of the Kaspersky Lab Transatlantic Cable podcast with a pair of stories concerning Facebook. The first is in the vein of the Cambridge Analytica scandal: Facebook sued a pair of developers in Ukraine for creating quizzes that came with a side of malware.

For the second story involving the big blue network, we look at Mark Zuckerberg’s pledge to increase privacy for users, only to see the company seems to contradict this with its corporate lobbying. Moving away from the social network, we hop over to the land down under, where police nabbed a guy who was illegally selling logins for Spotify, Netflix, and Hulu.

Following that story, we take a look at the ongoing battle between Respawn Entertainment and cheaters. To close out this week’s chat, we focus on the business end of things and talk about the current issue with improperly configured corporate Box accounts making some sensitive files available to the public.

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