Transatlantic Cable podcast, episode 148

Dave and Jeff discuss the underground trade of pirated OnlyFans porn, World of Warcraft bots, an alleged arsonist’s public posts getting her nabbed by the FBI, and more.

Kaspersky podcast: The illicit market for OnlyFans porn

We kick off this week’s Kaspersky Transatlantic Cable podcast with an interesting topic.

Those of you who have been on Instagram, Twitter, or other social media sites have probably heard of OnlyFans. For those who are unaware, OnlyFans is a site where users can pay a content producer for exclusive or private videos. In many cases, the images or videos are of an adult nature. However, as with many subscription services, an illicit market lurks nearby.

From there, we dive deeper, and into the online World of Warcraft, for a look at the bot mafias wreaking havoc in the community.

Yeah, I seriously typed “bot mafia” — that is not lost on me.


The third story of the week looks at some changes Apple is making in Safari that could make privacy more prominent than before, and the PSA streak continues with Adobe advising people to uninstall Flash before its end of life.

Finally, we chat about a story birthed after a recent protest in the US. The story looks at how the FBI used digital sleuthing to catch a person who allegedly torched a police vehicle during one of the protests.

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