Transatlantic Cable podcast, episode 115

On this podcast, Dave and Jeff take a look at the week’s top cybersecurity news including voice apps turning home assistants into phishing devices, Pixel’s face unlock issue, the Air Force retiring some old tech, and more.

The 115th installment of the Kaspersky Transatlantic Cable podcast takes a look at a wide range of stories from phishing devices in your home to the US military.

To kick things off, we look at some new research tied to Google Home and Amazon Alexa devices. This one is more of a proof of concept for malicious apps phishing from a smart device already in homes.

From there, we stay on the topic of Google and move from smart home devices to smart devices. This time, it’s the new Pixel, which has some issues with its face unlock feature. From smart devices, we jump over to the military, where the US Air Force is bidding happy trails to 8-inch floppy drives for its missile system. To close out the podcast, we take a look at the US Girl Scouts’ National Cyber Security Challenge.

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