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Breaking electronic locks — just like in those hacker movies

What do movie characters typically do when there is a door with an electronic lock on their way? They call a hacker, of course. The hacker connects some sort of contraption to the lock. During the next several seconds, the device picks every possible combination and shows it on its (obligatory, bright) segment display. Voilà! The door is open.

Don’t Skype and type

Many of us talk on Skype, Hangouts, WhatsApp, or Viber while using the computer for something else. You already know it’s not very polite, but it can be dangerous as well. Your conversation partner might find out what you are typing.

Hacking a chemical plant

Cyber-physical security researchers Marina Krotofil and Jason Larsen presented their research on hacking chemical plants at Black Hat and DEF CON – this was a very fascinating talk. It’s not that hacking a chemical