A gatekeeper for your network

Start protecting your network by stopping potential threats way before they can get too close — on the Internet gateway level.

Logically, it is reasonable to start protecting one’s business at the endpoints. After all, most malware families attack personal computers and use exploits for vulnerabilities in workstation software. The thing is, no matter how effective law enforcement may be, you don’t eliminate border control. That’s why we advise that you start protecting endpoints by stopping potential threats way before they are able to get close — on the Internet gateway level.

There are several reasons to do so, but topping the list, Internet gateway protection surpasses the human factor. Modern cybercriminals’ number one technique is social engineering. They use tricks to persuade users to open suspicious links, download malicious files, and even switch off protective systems. Therefore, the less malware that reaches your endpoints, the more secure your network will be.

So, the most logical way to start protecting your network from malicious files and harmful websites is really to implement a security solution that stands at the gates through which data enters your infrastructure: at the level of the Internet gateway, using a proxy server as an integration point.

As you may already suspect, we have our own solution that works exactly that way.. It is Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateways, with its core application, Kaspersky Web Traffic Security. In addition to severely lowering risks of human error, our application:

  • Can block 95% of modern malware thanks to its combination of machine learning­–based algorithms and emulative sandboxing;
  • Benefits from global threat intelligence coming from Kaspersky Security Network, which allows it to react to the newest malware as soon as it’s discovered;
  • Allows you to control and secure SSL-encrypted corporate Web traffic;
  • Blocks malicious and phishing websites;
  • Reduces risk of infection and data leaks by using content filtering capabilities;
  • Restricts access to specified categories of Web resources by implementing Web control scenarios.

Even if your gateway already has similar solutions installed, it is worth trying ours as an additional level of protection that can boost detection rate without adding any false positives. Now is the perfect time to try it: The all-new Kaspersky Web Traffic Security is now in its final prerelease stages, giving you a unique chance to participate in its public beta testing program.