Kaspersky Now – We’re ready to protect you in Windows 8

As you already know, Windows 8 has some major differences from Windows 7. In order to provide the best and most secure user experience, we created KIS2013 and KAV2013 modified

As you already know, Windows 8 has some major differences from Windows 7. In order to provide the best and most secure user experience, we created KIS2013 and KAV2013 modified for the Windows 8 ecosystem. When you migrate to this new OS and install the new version of KIS, here’s what you’ll find:

1.    Kaspersky + Metro Interface = Love

Kaspersky Now uses 100% of the new Microsoft Metro interface. We worked very hard to make the new interface simple, light, clean and intuitive. The Metro interface gives you a perfect desktop tool to monitor your systems without actually doing anything, just by watching the Kaspersky icon. Kaspersky Now will inform you of what’s going on, and alert you in case of ANY(!) danger to your files, apps or personal data.

2.    Remediaton 

Windows 8 can automatically reinstall a clean copy of any malware-affected app from the Windows Store. To make this work, KIS needs to know the difference between normal and Metro-style apps, and then alert the system of any infection to trigger reinstallation. This functionality is implemented in Kaspersky Internet Security 2013, which can effectively monitor apps in the new interface and toggle the “Tampered” flag for those found to be infected by malware.

3.    ELAM (Early launch antimalware support) and UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) support

One of the key security features of Windows 8 is its ability to control core system components during the boot sequence. When the system is loading, Windows compares every system file and app to its signature database and if it finds an app that is different from the state it supposed to be in, Windows will stop the boot sequence. Kaspersky Now is tightly integrated with this feature and our security software is loaded in the beginning of the sequence to ensure that the threat-detection process works and that any problem can be fixed.

4.    Windows Security Center support

You can turn on/off KIS, perform an update of virus databases as well as renew your license key from one window. No need to switch between the Windows control panel and the separate Kaspersky products. It’s all in one place.

5.    We protect you when you’re shopping

When Kaspersky Now is installed and KIS/KAV is running, you don’t have to worry about cyber-theft. All traffic is monitored by Kaspersky KIS/KAV in order to verify that any company that requires your credit card information is not just a phishing site. We check all security certificates and traffic specs and only when Kaspersky Now makes sure that it is secure does the company get your payment information. And it’s all done in a matter of milliseconds.

6.    Virtual Keyboard with Windows 8 design

The Virtual keyboard is the safest protection tool against key loggers. Even if your PC is infected by a Trojan or a key-logger, it won’t be able to steal your sensitive data when you use the virtual keyboard.

7.    URL advisor

We have a looooong history of searching and analyzing the web for new malware links. Kaspersky Now’s URL adviser would compare every link in your browser with our database within milliseconds and alert you if we know that the website you were going to open contains malware, spy modules or may cause your PC harm of any kind.

8.    Advanced Parental Control

Yes, controlling the kids is hard. We’ve all been thereJ But as a parent you surely want your little ones to avoid the nastier parts of the Internet or spend all day playing of World of Warcraft. With Kaspersky Now it’s possible to arrange that. But wait, there’s more. Kaspersky Now can:

  • Limit computer operating time.
  • Block or allow access to specific applications on the computer.
  • Block or allow access to specific websites.
  • Control your child’s email, instant messaging (ICQ, MSN) and social networking (Facebook, etc.) use. A complete list of instant messaging and social networking services is given below.
  • Control file downloads.
  • Control the transfer of personal information.

9.     Real-time protection against all Internet threats

Our innovative hybrid approach to protection combines the real-time efficiency of the cloud with powerful security technologies on your PC to deliver a faster, more effective response to today’s complex, ever-evolving threats. We see around 125,000 of them a day, so you don’t have to.

10.  System watcher

The beauty of Kaspersky products is that they are able to identify new malware even if it is brand new and not included in our databases. A KIS feature called System Watcher is a new capability that monitors all actions, apps and processes running on the system and compares their behavior with typical malware behavior using special patterns and algorithms.  This effectively identifies new, suspicious and dangerous programs.