SMBs require protection flexibility

Our new version of Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud combines time-proven security technologies with the flexibility of a software-as-a-service model.

What do small and midsize businesses need to build a solid cybersecurity strategy? It appears that the most needed feature (after reliability, of course) is flexibility. Anyone can protect infrastructure within an unchanging perimeter, but modern SMBs must be agile and fluid to survive — and to protect them, their cloud security solutions must be just as flexible.

First, many SMBs let their employees work remotely. As our marketing research, “Growing businesses safely: Cloud adoption vs security concerns” shows, 40% of SMBs regularly allow staff to work at locations outside the office — not just at home, but also public places such as coffee shops or parks. In terms of business, it is a way to reduce costs and to increase employee satisfaction and productivity.  From a cybersecurity point of view, it represents a dangerous widening of the attack surface.

Another problem that is not new for small businesses is the lack of an internal IT security specialist. Absent that, the only reasonable alternative is a flexible cloud security solution, which can be managed by remote specialist (or an MSP).


As you may have suspected, we have that flexible solution. It is called Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud, and it is our time-proven B2B solution that can be easily deployed and managed remotely. We have just updated it and among other innovations added another layer of flexibility.

Now we offer two tiers of product: The classic Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud is suitable for any SMB, and Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Plus adds a set of management features that includes encryption management and patch-management technologies.

Encryption is especially important for companies whose employees work remotely; outside of the office, the chances of losing a device are much higher. Speaking of mobile devices, each license for a personal computer now also covers two mobile devices at no extra charge.

We hope that the new features, as well as its simplicity and scalability, will make our updated solution quite useful for managed service providers (MSPs) and companies with distributed offices. You can learn more about the solution or sign up for a trial on the product’s website.