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Fingers and eyes at MWC 2017

We’ve written about insecure fingerprint sensors and other biometric technologies a lot. We were not alone, of course. It looks like the fuss did some good. At Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017 in Barcelona, many

What is a private messenger?

So, what is a private messenger? Many would just say that a messaging app is private if the messages it conveys are encrypted. But in reality, messaging privacy is a

Faking out fake tech support

A few years ago, a criminal gang in India was making easy money off tech-illiterate people in Europe, Australia, and Great Britain. They did quite well until they encountered Kaspersky

A Trojan from Google ads

If you don’t go to suspicious sites, malware can’t get you — right? Well, no. Unfortunately, even those who do not open unreliable e-mail attachments, avoid porn sites, and do