Mobile Protection for Your Android Device

The steady growth in the number of malicious programs targeting the Android operating system was one of the most significant IT security issues in 2011. Today, almost 90% of mobile

The steady growth in the number of malicious programs targeting the Android operating system was one of the most significant IT security issues in 2011. Today, almost 90% of mobile threats target Android smartphones, with backdoors, SMS Trojans, and spyware posing the greatest risks. It’s obvious that today’s mobile devices need a comprehensive security system like Kaspersky Mobile Security.

Kaspersky Lab’s integrated anti-malware solution for mobile devices includes a module that scans downloaded programs, protection against malicious and fraudulent links, and scheduled scans. Kaspersky Mobile Security has consistently proved itself in tests conducted by independent experts.’s tests, conducted in February 2012, concluded that Kaspersky Lab was able to detect all malicious programs and named it one of the best security solutions available. These outstanding results stem from a combination of up-to-date signature databases and constant communication with Kaspersky Security Network’s cloud service. However, the capabilities of Kaspersky Lab’s mobile solution go far beyond your typical antivirus security system. For example, the application can help owners find a lost smartphone or block data in the event of theft.


After installing Kaspersky Mobile Security, you will be prompted to enter a passcode. This allows you to manage your applications remotely, and prevents any unauthorized access to your settings. We also recommend entering an email address for restoring your passcode.


In order to protect your personal data from others, Kaspersky Mobile Security includes a Privacy Protection feature that hides your contacts, text messages, and your log of incoming and outgoing calls. If needed, you can customize the application to automatically hide that data. Another option is to remotely activate Privacy Protection using text message commands.


The Anti-Theft function helps protect your data in the event of your device being lost or stolen. Just send a special text message command to your phone in order to remotely block the device or wipe your confidential information from its memory (the call log, text messages, your contact list, etc.). If a malicious user replaces the SIM card, the SIM Watch function will automatically block the device and send you the new telephone number by email.

The Find function can significantly boost your chances of finding a lost phone. Just send a text message command, and Kaspersky Mobile Security will determine the location of your phone using data received from the GPS module, the closest cellular towers, or a nearby Wi-Fi network. The application will then transmit that information to you by email or as a reply text message.


Call & SMS Filter is another useful resource in the Kaspersky Mobile Security toolbox. It does not perform a strictly security-related function, but it can make life a lot easier. You can use this tool to block text messages and incoming calls from unwanted numbers. By default, Kaspersky Mobile Security has both allowlist and denylist options. For example, if you enable allowlist mode, then the application will only permit calls from approved contacts.


Although antivirus protection is a vital part of smartphone security, it’s important to bear in mind that malicious programs aren’t the only threats out there. Yes, SMS Trojans can pose a real threat, but more often than not, the theft of a cell phone can cause more harm. That’s why when selecting a security solution for your smartphone, you should consider multifunctional products that offer truly comprehensive security.