Digital Amnesia

Without looking it up, can you recall the current phone number of any of the following? (Please select all that apply)(Required)
Do you remember what your house phone number was when you were 10-years-old? (Please select one)(Required)
When trying to find the answer to a question, what is the first thing you would do? (Please select one)(Required)
Once you found the information you were looking for, what would you most likely do? (Please select one)(Required)
How many of the following devices do you use to connect to the Internet? (Please select all that apply)(Required)
Do you have any additional IT security installed on these devices? (Please select one)(Required)
Which of the following best describes how you would feel in the event that you lost the information stored on your connected devices? (Please select one)(Required)
Do you ever memorize or jot down something you consider to be important even though it’s stored on a connected device or easily accessible online? (Please select one)(Required)

Indicate whether you agree of disagree for each of the following statements: