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Bad Rabbit: A new ransomware epidemic is on the rise

The post is being updated as our experts find new details on the malware.

We’ve already seen two large-scale ransomware attacks this year — we’re talking about the infamous WannaCry and ExPetr (also known as Petya and NotPetya). It seems that a third attack is on the rise: The new malware is called Bad Rabbit — at least, that’s the name indicated by the darknet website linked in the ransom note.

Fireball: Adware with potential nuclear consequences

Advertising can sometimes be annoying — and sometimes it can be malicious. Businesses that make their money selling advertisements sometimes go too far trying to make sure you see their ads. Recently researchers found that one such business — a big digital-marketing agency — went as far as installing adware on 250 million computers running Windows and macOS all over the world.

Cloak and Dagger: A hole in Android

Everyone, this is not a drill. It applies to all versions of Android, and at the time of this post’s publication, Google has not yet patched the vulnerability. By using this vulnerability, malicious actors can steal data including passwords; install applications with a full set of permissions; and monitor what the user is interacting with or typing on a keyboard on any Android smartphone or tablet. We repeat: This is not a drill…