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Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud
Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud

Cutting-edge Endpoint Security that stops advanced cyberthreats

Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud provides easy-to-use, always up-to-date protection against all online threats with a collection of next-generation features:
  • Powerful built-in EDR. Blocks all advanced malware, even emerging threats.
  • Complete cloud dashboard. Total control of all cloud services and websites.
  • Total device protection. Full cybersecurity coverage for all corporate devices.

Trusted security solution

When it comes to your business, trust is essential. Kaspersky has regularly proven to be trustworthy by the most respected antivirus testing labs in the world.

Face the challenges of modern business

Doing business today comes with vulnerability to exploits, malware, and even human error. But don’t worry. Kaspersky can help you avoid these pitfalls so your business can thrive.

Always up-to-date security technology combats all malware, viruses, trojan horses, and ransomware

All the features to keep your business safe

Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud is your best choice offering top-tier cybersecurity tools.

Cutting edge security tools

  • Ransomware protection. Our Remediation Engine protects your system from cryptolockers and ransomware.
  • File, web, and mail threat protection. Keeps your corporate system free from malware and emerging advanced cyberthreats.

Cloud control

  • Cloud Discovery. Reveals and limits use unauthorized cloud resources, social networks, and messaging platforms.
  • Cloud Blocking. Selectively blocks access to cloud services, social networks, and chat platforms.

Corporate device and business data control

  • Web and Device Control. Maintain control over which external sites, USB drives, and WiFi networks are allowed access.
  • Data Discovery. Analyze what data your company has stored in the cloud to help prevent corporate data loss.
  • Microsoft Office 365. Comprehensive protection for all your integrated Microsoft Office 365 applications.

Advanced capabilities

  • Endpoint Detection and Response. Responds to cyberthreats and combats complex attacks.
  • IoC Scan. Allows you to proactively scan for potential threats in your IT infrastructure.
  • Patch Management. Keep all your devices, both local and remote, up to date with the latest patches and upgrades.

Additional cybersecurity training

  • Ongoing education. Learn the latest best practices for information security professionals presented by our own team of cybersecurity experts.
  • Security seminars. Comprehensive findings on emerging cyber threats to help keep employees alert to the latest risks.
  • Testing preparation. How to conduct penetration tests to help harden your information security procedures.

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Expert Cybersecurity Support
Build the best cybersecurity for your business with Kaspersky Professional Services. Our experienced team members will assist with risk assessment, implementation, maintenance, and optimization.
Enhanced Cybersecurity Awareness
Ensure your expert IT team stays up to cyber threats and train your leadership team to understand how these threats impact the effectiveness of your business, including best practices on how to manage these risks.

Frequently Asked Questions

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