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Kaspersky: Transparency
  • Our Principles of Fighting Cyberthreats

    Cyberthreats have become a global problem that has spread far beyond any geographical borders. As an IT security company, Kaspersky Lab is determined to detect and neutralize all forms of malicious programs, regardless of their origin or purpose.

    One of Kaspersky Lab’s most important assets in fighting cybercrime is the Global Research & Analysis Team (GReAT), comprising top security researchers from all over the world – Europe, Russia, the Americas, Asia, and the Middle East.

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  • Our principles of cooperation with law enforcement agencies, commercial and public entities

    As a private company, we have no political ties to any government but are proud to collaborate with the authorities of many countries, as well as international law enforcement agencies, and commercial and public entities in fighting cybercrime. We work with the authorities in the best interests of international cybersecurity, providing technical consultations or expert analysis of malicious programs, in compliance with court orders or during investigations – all in accordance with industry standards.

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  • Principles for the processing of user data by Kaspersky Lab security solutions

    Respecting and protecting people’s privacy is a fundamental principle of Kaspersky Lab’s approach to processing user data. The data processed is crucial for identifying new and as yet unknown threats – such as WannaCry and ExPetr – and offering better protection products to users. Cloud-based analysis of big data from millions of devices to strengthen protection capabilities is an industry best practice that is applied by IT security vendors around the world. It is a must for securing users’ digital lives and corporate data from cyberthreats.

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