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Kaspersky Professional Services

Leave the tedious but critical security tasks to the experts:
  • Assessments, deployment, maintenance and optimization
  • Help with Kaspersky product upgrades and migration
  • Essential service packages or custom projects

Why opt for professional services?

“My admins are pros, they can do anything, security included. Why spend extra for services?” - unknown IT manager

Today’s business environment is relentlessly competitive, and every aspect of business needs focused attention. For IT specialists in particular, the fewer distractions the better – and security is often not their priority.

Slipping up when it comes to your security can lead to degraded performance, unnecessary incidents and spiraling costs.

Enrolling the help of experienced professionals will ensure that your cybersecurity installations function at peak efficiency, while your IT team concentrate on their core tasks.

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Issues undermining you efficiency

Rushed deployment
You can’t afford degraded or no security. What may seem like a small error can quickly turn into something critical.
Lack of expertise & resources
Your IT engineers may be skilled in their field, but they may lack specific experience, time and resources.
Lack of best practices
The most effective security can be complex to configure, and mastering it takes time. Can you afford to wait?
Lack of visibility
As IT security is built and developed over time, it gets complex. It’s easy to miss flaws which can cause problems later on.
An evolving threat landscape
What used to be effective usually becomes obsolete over time – and unless you check, you won’t know.
Prevention is better than cure
Don’t wait for the worst to happen – stay on top of your cybersecurity and avoid nasty surprises and unnecessary costs.

What Kaspersky will do for you

We’ll help you get the most out of your cybersecurity so you can focus on your business with peace of mind

  • Discover and fix configuration flaws degrading your security
  • Keep productivity flowing – avoid disruptions
  • Locate potential compliance issues – and show you how to get back on track
  • Minimize implementation impact on business processes

Packaged services

We’ve got you covered

Premium Support
When a security issue affects your IT security infrastructure, you need it resolved quickly and, ideally, without diverting your IT team from other important tasks. You need access to security experts who know the quickest, safest and most effective way to resolve your issue – and that’s what Kaspersky Premium Support provides.

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