Kaspersky Fraud Prevention

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention Better digital banking starts here

  • Enhances your current fraud prevention
  • Benefits from leading threat intelligence
  • Includes server-side protection
  • Protects customers’ computers
  • Secures customers’ mobile devices
  • Banking is increasingly going digital. Your customers demand online & mobile banking… and your margins and market share depend on satisfying this need – before your competitors do.

    At the same time, cybercriminals are finding new ways to attack. So you need rigorous security – but not at the expense of a smooth banking experience for your customers.

    Efficient security – that doesn’t damage the customer experience – can help you to:

    • Offer high margin services – without security concerns
    • Deliver more functionality & differentiate your brand
    • Boost customer retention & win new customers
    • Fraudsters always target the weakest links

      There have been significant advances in the IT security technologies that protect a bank’s corporate network against malware and attacks. However, a simple error – by any of your customers – can still result in an expensive security breach.

      Unfortunately, while the latest security solutions can effectively monitor and control behavior within your internal IT systems, controlling customer behavior can be a much bigger challenge – and your customers could inadvertently make it easy for fraudsters.

    • Customer errors can impact your reputation

      It’s a sad fact of life. Your customers can be unpredictable and unreliable – especially when it comes to ensuring their computers and mobile phones are secure. However, their mistakes are still likely to be your problem.

      Every time one of your customers is attacked by an online fraudster, it’s your business that’s likely to suffer the most. It’s not just a case of you having to cover your customer’s financial loss, you could also see your business reputation damaged – even though you’ve done everything you thought possible to protect your own internal IT systems.

    • Combat fraud – to deliver more digital services

      Today’s fraudsters are well-organized and highly skilled in using sophisticated attack techniques. However, with the right security, you can ensure you’re able to roll out a wider range of digital banking services… while helping to protect your customers, your money and your reputation from the cybercriminals.

  • Because Kaspersky Fraud Prevention delivers multi-channel security, it does more to help banks to defeat the fraudsters’ latest tricks and deceptions.

    Superior security can also play a vital role in helping you to retain more of your customers… while empowering you to capitalize on opportunities to introduce a wider range of digital banking services.

    Our protection technologies help generate significant business benefits:

    • Securing customer transactions – boosts customer satisfaction
    • Blocking fraud significantly reduces your costs
    • Adding extra security reinforces your business reputation
    • Simplifying security for your customers

      Although your customers want secure transactions, they don’t want to have to get to grips with complex security – they just want to use your banking services… without any hassle. That’s why Kaspersky Fraud Prevention includes server-side security technologies that allow you to deliver user-friendly, proactive protection to all your customers… regardless of their preferred device or platform.

    • Saving you money

      By helping you to minimize the incidence of fraud, we help you to minimize the need to pay out to your customers.

      However, the direct costs of fraud are really just the tip of the iceberg – so blocking fraudsters will also help you to avoid the costs of investigating and resolving security incidents… plus the costly damage that negative publicity can bring.

    • Boosting trust… boosts your brand

      When your customers see you’re proactively introducing new, powerful security technologies – that help to protect their money – they’re more likely to see your business brand as a caring and secure financial institution that they can truly trust.

      Furthermore, the protection technologies delivered by Kaspersky Fraud Prevention can be tailored to fit your brand and your website.

  • Kaspersky Fraud Prevention proactively protects against the root causes of digital banking fraud. It secures digital transactions, without damaging the customer experience:

    • Adds multi-channel security for digital banking
    • Helps protect 100% of users – regardless of device
    • Delivers ‘frictionless’ security, for a smoother user experience
    • Protects against most known digital banking attacks

    Our powerful, multi-channel security technologies help you to boost customer loyalty and introduce profitable, new services.

    • Security that focuses on customer experience

      Adding extra levels of authentication can help you to improve security. However, choose the wrong security… and it could severely damage your customers’ user experience.

      Our technologies proactively fight against fraudsters’ attacks. So authentication can do what it was designed to do – without placing unnecessary burdens on your customers – and you can provide safer services that your customers can trust. Kaspersky Fraud Prevention makes sure no infected devices can access your bank’s online systems.

      Furthermore, you’ll be blocking fraud at its root – instead of having to deal with the aftermath of a fraudulent transaction.

    • Protecting your bank… and your customers

      Kaspersky Fraud Prevention delivers multi-layered security – protecting your systems and your online services, while ensuring your customers can benefit from award-winning technologies that secure their transactions on their computers and mobile phones:

      • Kaspersky Fraud Prevention Clientless Engine – provides server-side technologies that protect 100% of your user base… no matter what device or platform your customers are using, we prevent infected devices accessing your systems.
      • Kaspersky Fraud Prevention for Endpoints – runs on your customers’ Windows PCs and Mac computers, to provide powerful protection against malware and Internet-based attacks.
      • Kaspersky Fraud Prevention SDK – protects mobile banking apps on Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices. It safeguards customers’ account information and secures customer communications with your bank.
    • Helping your security team

      In addition to protecting your server-side systems and helping your customers to protect themselves, Kaspersky Fraud Prevention also delivers valuable information to your own in-house security team.

      The Kaspersky Fraud Prevention Console provides key statistics and information about how our anti-fraud technologies are performing. It even lets you know which customers aren’t running Kaspersky Fraud Prevention for Endpoints on their computers.

  • Across the world, we’re a recognized leader in cybersecurity – with almost two decades of technological innovation in combatting the most sophisticated online threats.

    • Over 400 million people are protected by our technologies
    • 270,000 businesses rely on us to safeguard their operations

    However, it’s not just our many customers that have faith in our products and expertise. A whole host of independent testing organizations – including AV Test and AV Comparatives – regularly confirm the performance, power and efficiency of our security technologies.

    • Security that enhances the customer experience

      We understand that when your customers want to access your services, they want a smooth, stress-free experience – whether they’re using online or mobile banking. That’s why our protection technologies do their work in the background – quietly and efficiently… without getting in your customers’ way.

    • Efficient, up-to-date protection

      We have the scale, resources and global expertise that are necessary to keep pace with the latest threats – and to deliver efficient protection against malware and fraudsters.

      Our complex, distributed infrastructure – Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) – automatically processes information about potential malware and suspicious behavior that's occurring on many millions of volunteers' devices.

      Because KSN can analyze real-time data about potential attacks, we can provide your customers with a much more rapid response to newly identified threats.

    • Focused on people – not just technology

      We don't just protect transactions – we protect the people who put their trust in your bank. With our huge user base and our KSN cloud infrastructure, we deliver protection to millions of people – directly on the devices they use to access your digital services.

    • Customizable and flexible

      Because we don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach, Kaspersky Fraud Prevention is highly customizable. Our White Labelling system enables your bank to incorporate our technologies – seamlessly – into your own website.

    • Research-led security

      Constant innovation is what underpins all of our security products and services. A third of our employees are devoted to developing new protection technologies, products and services.

      Because all of our core security technologies are developed by our own in-house research and development teams, we totally avoid the integration issues that can affect some security vendors’ offerings.

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention

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