Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mac

Protect Mac users from the latest threats without compromising on performance or mobility. Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mac provides distraction-free security, enabling users to work wherever inspiration takes them, securely.

Mac-based businesses need security that doesn’t get in the way of their creative flow.

When staff rely on resource-intensive applications to get the job done, the last thing they need is a security solution eating into processing power or battery life – or grinding everything to a halt with a badly-timed update.

Designed specifically for Mac – and the people who work on them – Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mac protects Mac desktops and notebooks against the latest cyber threats without interrupting workflow.

Our multi-layered security solution complements other security components inside Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business, completing IT protection in heterogeneous tech environments:

  • Protects the most valuable business assets – your data and business process continuity.
  • End-user convenience – reliable, performance-optimized security designed not to interfere with day-to-day activities.
  • Business efficiency – easily deployed and managed from the same console as other security components of Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business.

Mac threats affect the entire business

Compared to other platforms, MacOS is relatively secure. But Mac-specific threats are not only on the increase, sophisticated criminals view them as a stepping stone onto the broader business network. And as more businesses use them, Mac-specific threat volumes are increasing accordingly.

All Internet-connected Mac computers are vulnerable to security problems – with no exceptions. They’re exposed to the same kind of threats as Windows systems, including Trojans, Backdoors, ransomware and threats associated with software vulnerabilities and user error. In heterogeneous networks, unsecured Mac devices often introduce malware that targets Windows systems.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mac was developed specifically to address these challenges and provide comprehensive protection to businesses that rely on Mac.

  • Protection from every type of cyber threat your business faces

    Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mac provides multi-layered protection from known, unknown and advanced threats.

    Our proactive security technologies minimize the opportunities for threats to reach endpoints - and reliably identify and block the threats that do.

    • Next-generation technologies protecting your business

      Kaspersky Lab’s unique HuMachine™ approach is powered by a combination of Big Data threat intelligence, machine learning and human expertise. Together, these ensure higher levels of protection – complementing and strengthening each other more efficiently than they can as individual components.

    • Cloud-assisted threat intelligence

      Millions of Kaspersky customers worldwide voluntarily provide anonymized threat data from their devices to Kaspersky Security Network (KSN). This cloud-based threat lab gathers and stores massive volumes of metadata from suspicious files that enable it to make rapid, accurate decisions about the safety of files and URLs without having to completely analyze their content. This enables protection from unknown threats.

    • Protect your network from attacks

      Kaspersky Lab’s Network Attack Blocker prevents network threats, including port scanning, denial-of-service attacks and buffer –overruns. It constantly monitors network activities and runs pre-defined responses where suspicious behavior is detected.

    • Safe browsing with web protection and anti-phishing

      Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mac uses the same HuMachine™ approach to scan incoming and outgoing traffic and block harmful scripts, keeping Mac systems safe.

      Heuristic analysis checks URLs for characteristics typical of phishing websites, preventing users from inadvertently visiting malicious websites and disclosing valuable information.

    • Real-time protection

      To detect and neutralize threats before they penetrate IT systems and do harm, files are scanned in real time, before they’re opened, copied, run and saved.

    Low impact on users and IT systems

    Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mac provides comprehensive security with minimal resource impact during on-access scanning.

    • Built for speed and battery life

      Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mac is designed to keep system resource usage – including CPU, disk and I/O – to a minimum.

    • Intelligence scanning technology

      Intelligent, proprietary iSwift /iChecker technology eliminates multiple re-scanning of frequently accessed files, significantly increasing overall performance.

    Efficient security management, centralized administration

    All security management tasks for Mac devices are managed via the same centralized, highly integrated management console used for other Kaspersky-protected endpoints – Kaspersky Security Center. To reduce complexity, no additional tools are required.

    For even greater efficiency, a choice of expert-developed preconfigured policies is provided – so you can rapidly implement security across your network.

    A wide range of setup options gives you the flexibility and control to adjust the solution to your security needs.

    • Remote deployment

      Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mac can be installed, managed and removed remotely by system administrators.

    • Protection management

      Administrators can use Kaspersky Security Center to configure and manage protection of Mac devices, deploy and update the application, apply group tasks, policies and policy profiles, generate reports.

    • Automatic updating

      Updates for machine learning mathematical models and application modules are available on demand or automatically, according to a set schedule. System administrators can use the administration server as an update source and Network Agent to transport.

    • Centralized backup storage

      System administrators can use Kaspersky Security Center to access, recover or permanently delete all files detected by Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mac on employee machines.

    How to buy

    Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mac is included in:

    • Platforms supported

      • MacOS Sierra, version 10.12
      • OS X El Capitan, version 10.11
      • OS X Yosemite, version 10.10
      • OS X Mavericks, version 10.9
    • Minimum hardware requirements

      • Intel®-based Macintosh computer
      • 1 GB of memory (RAM)
      • 1.2 GB free disk space
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