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Kaspersky Mobile Security SDK

Kaspersky Mobile Security SDK offers protection of mobile devices against known and emerging threats for EMM vendors, application developers, telecom companies, financial service and telemedicine providers.
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Kaspersky Mobile Security SDK

Kaspersky Mobile Security Software Development Kit (KMS SDK) is a multi-layered security framework for building real-time protection directly into mobile applications.

By leveraging KMS SDK organizations will be able to:

  1. Provide their customers with the protection needed to keep their smart device and valuable data secure

  2. Improve their security products

  3. Ensure compliance with internal and external policies and requirements

  4. Create their own mobile security solutions

Product value

  • Create secure environment on the device in which the partner’s app can run uncompromised

  • Unbeatable efficiency in terms of CPU usage and battery drain

  • Flexible business model that allows licensing the product with necessary features only

KMS SDK Functionality

Kaspersky Mobile Security SDK provides:

  • Anti-Phishing & Anti-Fake Apps protection features blocking access to malicious and phishing websites

  • Malware Detection — best-in-class malware detection with a wide variety of basic and advanced scanning options to suit your malware detection requirements

  • Secure connectivity — protect your Internet connections using URL monitor, Wi-Fi analyzer, Certificate validation and DNS Checker

  • Device reputation — check the safety of mobile device configuration using root and jailbreak detection and device configuration control

  • Data Protection — real-time protection of information entered by the users and an encrypted secure database for confidential data storage

  • Self Defense — verify the application's digital signature and detect if Kaspersky component is unloaded from RAM

Kaspersky Mobile Security SDK is fully integrated with Kaspersky Security Network (KSN), an advanced technology that ensures prompt response to rapidly emerging threats.

Supported Platforms

Kaspersky Mobile Security SDK is available for Android 5 (or higher) and iOS 12 (or higher).

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