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Kaspersky Research Sandbox

An instrument of choice for the safe detonation, analysis and detection of advanced threats


Making an intelligent decision based on an object’s behavior while simultaneously analyzing the process memory, network activity, etc. is the optimal approach to understanding today’s sophisticated targeted and tailored threats. Sandboxing technologies are powerful tools that allow the investigation of an object’s origins, the collection of IOCs based on behavioral analysis and the detection of malicious objects not previously seen.

Patented Technology

Patented behavioral analysis technology with extended logging and in-depth reporting effectively exposes the malicious nature of a file

Anti-evasion Techniques

Incorporates all the knowledge about malware behaviors acquired by Kaspersky, ensuring the sandboxing environment stays undetected

Custom OS Images

Allows customization of guest OS images, tailoring them to your real environments, which increases the accuracy of threat analysis results

Privacy and Compliance

Can be deployed in secure, air-gapped environments to protect your systems and information and to meet any compliance requirements

In Use

  • Provide your constituencies with actionable guidance

    As a coordinating SOC, CERT, or Security Agency, you’re engaged in overseeing incident management across various industries and organizations. Kaspersky Research Sandbox is able to support you with rich analysis customization capabilities for tailored malware analysis, designed to dramatically improve targeted threat detection right across your supervising constituencies.

  • Boost the effectiveness of your incident response

    Incident response benefits greatly from malware analysis services, enabling a full understanding of the threat, determining the most effective response and eradicating malware from the infrastructure. Featuring an API, our Research Sandbox provides in-depth reporting capabilities to help you better understand malware behaviors, while automating and boosting the efficiency of malware analysis.

  • Inform and improve your threat intelligence capabilities

    To improve your threat detection and capabilities to respond to similar incidents in future, you need to be producing actionable threat intelligence during post-incident activities, including IoCs and TTPs of your adversaries. Kaspersky Research Sandbox improves further detection logic development by streamlining malware analysis and the IoC acquisition process.

White Papers

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