The Product

The Challenges

  • Nation-state hacking and espionage
  • Poor security awareness among state employees
  • Lack of information-sharing processes between government bodies
  • High-risk profile of many critical national infrastructures
  • Inefficient threat detection
  • Lack of cooperation between CERTs in different countries

Trusted Partner

  • We are a global security vendor operating in 200 countries, detecting 350 000 + unique malware samples per day
  • We collaborate with major CERTs and law enforcement agencies, including Interpol, Europol, Defense Ministries and State Departments worldwide
  • Our solutions solve major cybersecurity issues by predicting, preventing, detecting and responding to cyberthreats

  • Advanced Threat Detection

    Technologies based on leading security intelligence and advanced machine learning, helping your security team reveal, recognize and uncover complex attacks

  • Global Threat Intelligence

    Immediately actionable information providing invaluable insights and context, available in a range of formats and delivery methods

  • Threat Hunting

    The real-time detection of both new and existing cybercriminal, cyber-espionage and state-sponsored campaigns targeting your critical information systems

  • Knowledge Management

    Security training programs designed to help grow your organization's in-house expertise and awareness in every aspect of cybersecurity

  • Incident Response

    Knowledgeable specialists, armed with extensive practical experience of fighting cyberthreats, helping to quickly identify, isolate and block any malicious activity

  • Security Assessment

    Expert-level security analysis and cutting-edge research working together to test information systems, regardless of complexity, in real-world environments

Case Studies

The Use

  • State-Level Threat Visibility

    • An overview of all major institutions attack surface
    • Malware trends and underground activities
    • Minimizing the risk of a successful attack
  • Managed Protection for Isolated Networks

    • Proactive threat hunting techniques
    • Security operations backed by expertise recognized worldwide
    • One-way inbound data flow
    • Integrity and compliance
  • Instant Threat Detection and Response

    • Innovative technologies including an 'on-premise' sandbox
    • Advanced detection of complex threats
    • Response to 'live' attacks on your systems

The Risk

Government organizations are natural targets for cyber-warfare – from espionage through to politically motivated attacks:

  • Scan

    Cyber-terrorism and state-sponsored attack

  • Scan


  • Scan


  • Scan

    DDoS attacks to public sector services

  • Scan

    Traditional malware threats including Trojans, phishing etc

  • Scan

    Cryptors and ransomware

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