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About the solution

Containerization is one of the biggest trends in software development, accelerating the app design and delivery process. However, the architectural characteristics of containerized environments mean they can’t be secured by traditional solutions. Kaspersky Container Security is designed to cover the whole lifecycle of containerized apps from development to operation. The product protects your business processes, helping your organization to comply with security regulations and implement the principles of secure software development (DevSecOps).

Current challenges

Kaspersky Container Security helps you effectively address the challenges of:

Protecting the components of container infrastructure, which requires a specialized solution.
Traditional and open-source code analysis and endpoint protection solutions failing to address many of the information security risks inherent in containerized environments.
Development processes which must comply with your organization's security policies, and with regulatory requirements for information security.


Kaspersky Container Security is a specialized containerization protection solution. It helps mitigate the risks inherent in containerized environments, regardless of on-premises or cloud-based installations, frees up your information security specialist resources, and supports compliance with regulatory requirements.

Globally renowned security

Leverages international best practices in container environment security to effectively counter most cyberthreats associated with these environments

Comprehensive protection for containerized environments

Addresses the unique needs of container environments and secures every component of the container infrastructure, from the container image registry to the orchestrator

Compliance with regulatory requirements

Ensures app security, supporting your organization in ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements


Kaspersky Container Security protects against information security risks inherent in containerized environments – from container image vulnerabilities to cluster node setup misconfigurations – while automating security and compliance checks.

Integration into the development process

Kaspersky Container Security seamlessly integrates security into the software development process

  • Detection of vulnerabilities in running containers

    Scanning running applications can identify vulnerabilities in code that can`t be detected during the build phase

  • Checks container images from the registry

    Automated scanning can detect irrelevant images and identify vulnerabilities, secrets and violations in configurations

  • Monitors resource consumption and communications between containers

    Intuitive widgets help detect suspicious activity and proactively respond to security threats

Orchestrator protection

Kaspersky Container Security provides comprehensive protection for a key component of the containerized application development and execution environment

  • Monitors authentication and authorization configuration

    Centralized access control and management increases the security of not just the orchestrator, but also the organization's entire IT infrastructure

  • Checks orchestrator configuration

    Helps identify configuration errors, non-compliance with security policies, and unauthorized attempts to change the configuration

  • Process and network control

    Monitoring orchestrator activity helps to detect and stop suspicious activity both within and between clusters

Regulatory compliance audit

Kaspersky Container Security detects violations of regulatory requirements in various components of the container environment and performs audits in accordance with national and international standards

  • Checks at both orchestrator and individual container level

    Security control at multiple levels allows you to address component-specific security risks

  • Best practices audits

    The ability to verify applications and infrastructure in accordance with the methodologies of international organizations helps implement global best practices for information security

  • Vulnerability analysis based on NIST database

    Enhances corporate security through the timely detection of vulnerabilities in the container infrastructure

Visualization and inventory of cluster resources

Clear and intuitive widgets and infographics help not only to monitor product status, but also to detect security incidents based on indirect indicators

  • Monitors cluster status

    Visualization of processes and cluster status provides a high level of awareness and readiness to respond to potential incidents

  • Fully customized widgets to reveal cross-section data

    Information displayed in widgets provides a detailed visualization of the processes taking place in the product and the protected infrastructure

  • Resource inventory

    Compiling a "catalog" helps identify unaccounted resources and their owners, which increases overall security and helps close gaps


The solution allows software developers using containers to improve product security and reduce time-to-market.

For users of the software, the product helps ensure the necessary level of security, including compliance with regulatory requirements, and simplify digital transformation.

Public sector
Industrial enterprises
Comprehensive cloud infrastructure protection
When combined with Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security, Kaspersky Container Security forms the Kaspersky Cloud Workload Security ecosystem. It provides comprehensive protection of your hybrid and cloud infrastructure against various attacks, which reduces the time to detect and respond to threats.
24/7 technical support and professional services
Technical support specialists are ready to help at any time. Take advantage of our premium support packages or professional services to help get the most out of your Kaspersky solutions.

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