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Kaspersky Cloud Workload Security

Sail on through cloud obstacles

  • Specialized ecosystem for comprehensive cloud workload protection
  • Multitool for a clear and comprehensive overview of your infrastructure
  • Ongoing support for regulatory compliance


Cloud migration benefits companies in numerous ways. But the downside of it are the infrastructure complexity, lack of transparency and cloud related security risks.

Kaspersky Cloud Workload Security reduces costs, improves visibility and supports compliance, freeing up your information security service resources. The ecosystem secures cloud and DevOps infrastructure from the broadest range of cloud security risks, from malware and phishing to rogue containers in runtime.

Ecosystem components

KasperskyHybrid Cloud Security

Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security secures your entire hybrid infrastructure fighting the broadest range of cyberattacks while going easy on your resources. Key capabilities:
  • Multi-layered hybrid cloud threat protection
  • System hardening to boost resilience
  • Extensive regulatory compliance toolbox
  • Borderless visibility

KasperskyContainer Security

Kaspersky Container Security detects security issues at every stage of the containerized app lifecycle, from development to operation. Key capabilities:
  • Integration into the development process
  • Orchestrator protection
  • Regulatory compliance audit
  • Visualization and inventory of cluster resources

Key features

Kaspersky Cloud Workload Security prevents infrastructure complexity and spiraling operational and management costs, and guarantees high quality ‘one-stop shop’ technical support while fighting cloud-specific risks

Protection you can rely on from a top-tier vendor

The Kaspersky Cloud Workload Security ecosystem provides the highest safety level standards and offers top quality ‘one-stop shop’ technical support. It integrates with other Kaspersky solutions, so we cover all your cybersecurity risks

Specifically designed to address cloud workload security risks

Multi-layered threat protection proactively fights the broadest range of cyber risks, from malware and phishing to rogue containers in runtime

Smooth cloud migration with cost-efficient out-of-the-box security

Choose only the capabilities you need to protect all your workloads – physical, virtualized or containerized, regardless of where they’re deployed (private, public, or hybrid clouds)

A resource-saving cloud security ecosystem for complex infrastructures

State-of-the-art technology saves up to 30% of virtualization hardware resources on protection in private clouds and avoids degradation of cluster performance

Better, faster security checks

The Kaspersky Cloud Workload Security ecosystem helps to forecast time-to-market by automating information security compliance checks

Compliance-ready multi-environmental security

The Kaspersky Cloud Workload Security ecosystem supports ongoing regulatory compliance for cloud infrastructures, including best security practices and self-scanning


Kaspersky Cloud Workload Security is ideal for companies with diverse and complex IT infrastructure, although its flexible licensing makes it suitable for every business looking for streamlined hybrid cloud protection and strong DevOps security capabilities. The ecosystem integrates seamlessly into your existing IT landscape.

Public Sector
Industrial enterprises


Kaspersky Cloud Workload Security benefits your entire organization

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How to buy

The cost of the Kaspersky Cloud Workload Security varies based on your requirements and technical capabilities. To calculate the exact cost and to purchase the ecosystem, contact an official Kaspersky partner in your region.

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