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Kaspersky Anti-Virus Software Development Kit

Kaspersky Anti-Virus SDK is a set of development libraries enabling the integration of Kaspersky Anti-Malware engine into third-party hardware or software products.

  • Unparalleled reliability and versatility thanks to Kaspersky award-winning anti-malware technology.
  • Comprehensive protection from a wide range of malware including viruses, Trojans, worms, rootkits, ransomware, spyware and zero-day threats.
  • By developers — for developers.
  • OS: Windows | Linux | FreeBSD
  • Hardware Platform: Intel | MIPS | ARM

Usage Scenarios

Kaspersky Anti-Virus SDK's flexible and smart architecture, comprehensive API's, and exceptional scalability enable the implementation of Kaspersky anti-malware technology into a variety of software and hardware products for all markets — from SOHO and SMB to the largest corporations and service providers.

Integration with various products and services, from service provider data centers and carrier-grade IT solutions to desktops and embedded platforms.
Integration with different types of mail systems (e.g., SendMail, Qmail, Postfix, Exim, etc.) and proxy servers (including integration via ICAP).
Development of superior mobile network solutions with advanced malicious code protection and anti-phishing filtering.

Key Features of Kaspersky Anti-Virus SDK

Machine Learning Technologies

Today Kaspersky analyzes 99.9% of the cyberthreats using its own proprietary infrastructural algorithms powered by machine learning, greatly boosting the detection rate of both the traditional and the next-generation scanning technologies.

24x7 Malware Research Lab

Kaspersky Anti-Malware technology is supported by 24x7 expert analysis. The team of professional malware analysts and engineers constantly studies the global threat landscape and develops new protective technologies.

Kaspersky Security Network

Kaspersky products are used on millions of computers around the world, presenting a detailed global picture of how new malware evolves and circulates, where new threats originate, and how many infection attempts occur. This makes it easy to respond quickly to new threats no matter where the sources and targets are located.

Advanced Heuristics

The heuristic analyzer module emulates the object's execution in a secure virtual environment and discovers suspicious actions of executed objects.

Superior Protection

The combination of threat expertise with the most recent threat intelligence obtained from Kaspersky Security Network and cutting-edge Anti-Malware technologies ensures superior malware detection rate and instant reaction to new threats.

New Functionality

Cloud mode
Allows to reduce anti-malware bases’ size by half (100+ MB) when connected to KSN.
Trusted files scanning
Very fast scanning of trusted files (such as .msu Microsoft update packages).
Format Recognizer
Improves scanning speed by allowing the user to skip certain file formats which are unlikely to contain malicious payloads (for example, pictures).
Adware / Riskware Detection
Added detection of ‘yellow’ URLs which are not malicious per se but can be annoying or harmful if misused. This includes Adware and Riskware categories.
Scanning mode suitable for a sandbox
Added a new scanning mode which includes a notification that the scanned object is appropriate for sending to a sandbox solution. This allows using it with any sandbox solution on the market without affecting product performance.
Extended list of file formats to be scanned with KSN.
This list is now updatable via anti-malware base updates. This feature improves the detection rate.

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