Kaspersky Security for Mobile

Complete your endpoint protection with mobile security & management

Kaspersky Security for Mobile is a Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) and Mobile Threat Management (MTM) solution that helps businesses increase productivity and efficiency by ensuring staff can perform mobile tasks safely and securely – wherever they are.

It complements the other applications inside Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business and Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud and completes protection across all platforms.

Activated from within your existing Kaspersky Lab solution, Kaspersky Security for Mobile is designed for companies that rely on mobile workers. It provides multilayered protection for mobile devices, including anti-malware, anti-spam, web, application and device controls, as well as anti-theft features – all managed from a central control point for greater efficiency*.

*Exact feature set of Kaspersky Security for Mobile varies according to deployment type (on premises or cloud).

  • From company-owned, personally enabled (COPE) smartphones and tablets to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), tracking, managing and securing mobile devices can be difficult and time consuming.

    As mobile malware volumes increase, ensuring device security, regardless of location, is just as important as protecting other endpoints in your business.

    Kaspersky Security for Mobile secures your devices – and the data stored on them – giving you the visibility and control you need to manage every mobile device that accesses your network and corporate data.

    • Protects against mobile security threats

      Our advanced anti-malware technologies protect mobile devices from a wide range of threats, including Trojans, ransomware and phishing attacks. Flexible configuration tools allow complete control over the application allowed to run on each device – you can also apply different policies for specific groups or individual users within the business.

    • Minimizes the risk of data loss

      Mobile devices can store large volumes of sensitive business data. With as many as a third of devices lost or stolen every year, that’s a lot of risk.

      Weak passwords, dangerous application use and unencrypted data can all result in sensitive data ending up in the wrong hands.

      Kaspersky Security for Mobile makes it easy to enforce strong passwords and block the launch of unauthorized or insecure apps. Containerization technology provides an additional layer of data protection by separating business data and applications from any personal information and software. Encryption of all containerized applications and data further minimizes the risk of sensitive data breaches.

      And, because time is everything when it comes to data breaches, Kaspersky Security for Mobile includes extensive anti-theft features lock down sensitive data when devices are lost or stolen. Remote, user-operated features can block application and data access, selectively or completely wipe information and track device location.

    • Efficient – and easy - mobile endpoint management

      With the average employee using three or more mobile devices, managing, tracking and securing them all can be a complicated, time-consuming process. Kaspersky Security for Mobile allows you to manage and secure all devices from the same console used for all other endpoints running Kaspersky Lab security technologies. This minimizes your administration burden by centralizing the configuration and management of Android, iOS and Windows smartphones and tablets.

  • Mobile security

    In 2016, Kaspersky Lab detected over 8.5-million mobile malware attacks. Attacks on Android-based devices increase four-fold in 2016 while iOS – often incorrectly perceived as ‘more secure’ - saw malware volumes double. During the first few months of 2017, the volume of mobile ransomware rose over three-fold…

    • Mobile anti-malware

      Kaspersky Lab combines traditional signature-based protection and heuristic analysis with cloud-assisted threat intelligence from Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) to deliver multi-layered, real-time protection against the latest mobile threats. On-demand or scheduled scanning and Over the Air (OTA) updates help ensure every device has the latest security installed.

    • Web protection

      Secure mobile browsing with Chrome-based browsers for Android devices and Kaspersky Safe Browser for iOS and Windows 10 Mobile. Web sites are checked before opening and phishing or malware-serving pages blocked. Support worker productivity by blocking access to sites that don’t conform to corporate usage policies, such as social media, gambling, retail, adult and proxy servers.

    • Call & SMS filtering

      Reduce unwanted calls and texts while increasing user privacy and security with call and SMS filtering.

    • Rooting jailbreak protection

      Mobile malware with root access capability has been around since at least 2011 and is extremely popular with cybercriminals who use it to take ”super users” control of devices and perform malicious tasks or modify data. End user attempts to jailbreak or root device compromise security, leaving them exposed to these exploits. Kaspersky Security for Mobile enables administrators to mitigate the risks by:

      • Blocking access to corporate data and applications on rooted or jail broken devices.
      • Deleting all corporate data on compromised devices – or completely wiping it.
    • Anti-theft features

      Stolen or lost devices put sensitive data at risk. That’s why Kaspersky Security for Mobile includes multiple anti-theft features – all of which can be operated remotely:

      • Lock missing device / Unlock the found device
      • Wipe business data or restore to factory settings
      • Locate the device on a map -Sounds an alarm on the device
      • Take ‘mugshot’ photo of unauthorized users
      • Receive the device’s new number if the SIM is replaced

      Google Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) and Apple Push Notifications (APNs) help ensure devices on these platforms receive anti-theft commands quickly.

    Mobile Application Management (MAM)

    Effective Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) requires appropriate control over the applications running on employee-owned devices, including how those applications are used. Kaspersky Lab’s control tools enable the separation of business and personal data by ‘wrapping’ applications into containers.

    • Containerization & Sensitive Data Protection

      Kaspersky Lab’s containerization technology means you can completely separate business and personal data by wrapping Android apps inside special, secured containers on every user’s device. Data inside containers can’t be copied and pasted outside them. Restrictions on Internet, call and SMS usage can also be enforced within containerized apps.

      Encryption of containerized data can be enforced, providing an additional layer of data protection. For even greater security, enforce application re-login following a set period of inactivity, preventing unauthorized access to unattended or misplaced devices.

    • Selective Wipe

      If an employee moves to another company, make sure your sensitive data doesn’t move with them on their device: remote wipe features allow you to delete the entire corporate container on a BYOD device without deleting any personal content such as photos, playlists, contacts and personal settings.

    • Application Control

      Control which applications can be launched or installed on devices that have access to corporate systems and data. Easy-to-configure tools make it easy to restrict application downloads to approved-only ones or create lists of blocked applications using whitelists or blacklists. Compliance control allows administrators to restrict access by non-compliant devices and automatically enforce anti-theft features.

    Mobile Device Management (MDM)

    Save time and make it easier to roll out unified mobile security policies: Kaspersky Security for Mobile uses a single interface to manage each platform’s MDM functionality.

    • MDM support

      Integration with all leading mobile device management platforms enables easy application of group or individual policies for Windows-phone, Android and iOS devices through a single interface. With support for Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync®, iOS MDM and Samsung KNOX™ you can set up mandatory encryption, password enforcement, camera usage, APN/VPN settings. Kaspersky Security for Mobile also includes management of iOS-supervised devices, giving system administrators comprehensive management rights, further enhancing user security.

    • Working profiles

      Create work profiles for enabled Android devices using Android for Work. Set up business apps such as Google Apps for Work and manage their usage on devices. Support for Samsung KNOX 1.0 and 2.0 lets you manage firewall settings, APN, VPN and Exchange Server settings for Samsung devices.

    Simplified mobility enablement and management

    Reduce mobile management complexity and streamline security and management tasks with technologies including:

    • Ease of deployment

      Kaspersky Security for Mobile enables you to customize mobile endpoint security using Over the Air (OTA) provisioning to deliver the security agent to each employees’ device via Google Play, the App Store, or a Self-Service Portal (SSP). Simply send a link or QR code for each mobile device – via email or SMS message – and the device will automatically connect to Kaspersky Security Center after deployment.

    • Self-Service Portal

      To ease the load on IT administrators, Kaspersky Security for Mobile includes a Self-Service Portal to allow mobile users perform many basic administration tasks for themselves – after they’ve entered their username and password. If a user wishes to connect a new device, the Self-Service Portal will guide them through the process – and make sure the required device is protected and controlled. The portal can also give users access to key anti-theft features: users can lock, wipe and locate their missing devices,– without having to request help from an IT administrator.

    • Centralized management for all devices

      Kaspersky Security for Mobile is managed from Kaspersky Security Center, a single management console for all mobile endpoints, or from Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud. This same tool is used for managing the security of mobile devices along with laptops, desktops, servers, virtual machines and more – with the convenience of a ‘single pane of glass’ console. This level of integration is only possible because all Kaspersky Lab’s endpoint security technologies have been developed in-house, from the same code-base.

    • Management flexibility

      If you’re running a large network, Role-Based Access Control* helps you divide security management responsibilities between multiple administrators. For example, you may want one administrator to control and manage security for endpoints and mobile devices, while another takes care of security across all virtual machines.

      The Kaspersky Security Center console is easily customized so each administrator can only access the tools and information relevant to their responsibilities. Administrators can also manage user notifications on threats or changes while the Web console enables device management and security – as well as security for other endpoints – from any online location.

      *Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) is only included in Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business Advanced and Kaspersky Total Security for Business.

    • Multi-platform support

      With support for Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile, you can secure and manage the most popular smartphones and tablets from our single management console.

    • Supported operating systems

      • Android 4.1 - 8.1
      • iOS 9.0 - 11.0
      • Windows Phone 8.0 - 8.1, 10 Mobile*

      *For on-premises version only (Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business Select, Advanced or Kaspersky Total Security). Exact feature set of Kaspersky Security for Mobile varies based on deployment type (on premises or cloud).

    • Administration system requirements

      • Kaspersky Security Center 10 SP2 MR1 or later
      • Management console of Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud 2.0 or later
    • Version requirements for subscription

      The following applications (and later versions) are available on subscription:

      • Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 SP1 MR1 for Android (version
      • Kaspersky SafeBrowser MR6 for iOS (version
      • Kaspersky SafeBrowser MR3 for WinPhone (version

      Please check with your local partner about subscription availability in your country.

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