Kaspersky Security for Mobile

Kaspersky Security for Mobile lets mobile workers use phones and tablets for work tasks without putting sensitive business data or critical business processes at risk.

It provides multilayered protection, including anti-malware, anti-spam, web, application and device controls plus anti-theft features. To help simplify administration tasks, all functions are managed from a single management console.

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  • Managing and securing every mobile device that employees use in the course of their work can be difficult and time consuming.

    With phones and tablets able to access your corporate systems – and capable of storing so much sensitive corporate data – protecting mobile devices is just as important as securing every other endpoint in your business.

    Kaspersky Security for Mobile secures mobile devices and gives you the visibility and control you need to manage every phone and tablet that accesses your business's systems and data.

    • Protects against mobile threats

      Our advanced anti-malware technologies protect mobile devices from a wide range of threats, including ransomware, Trojans and phishing attacks. Flexible configuration tools give you granular control over which applications are allowed to run on each device. And it's easy to apply different policies for individual users or specific groups of users.

    • Reduces the risk of data loss

      With as many as a third of mobile devices lost or stolen every year, the risk of suffering a data security incident is significant – for every business. And when employees use weak passwords or run unsafe and infected applications, this brings further risks.

      Kaspersky Security for Mobile makes it easy for businesses to enforce the use of strong passwords and block the launch of unauthorized or unsecure apps.

      If a phone or tablet is lost or stolen, special anti-theft features help to protect sensitive data that's stored on the device. Remotely operated tools let users block access to applications and data on the missing device, wipe information from the device and find the device's approximate location.

    • Simplifies mobile endpoint management

      Employees have an average of three mobile devices each - that's a lot of phones and tablets for your business to secure.

      Kaspersky Security for Mobile helps you manage and secure a wide range of mobile devices – including Android and iOS – using the same centralized management console that gives you control over the vast majority of other Kaspersky business security technologies. This unified, central console helps simplify administration tasks – across all your endpoints, including mobile devices.

    How to buy

    Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mobile is included in the following products:

    The above products can also be purchased on subscription – with flexible, monthly licensing. Please check with your local partner about subscription availability in your country – and see the relevant system requirements here.

  • Mobile Threat Defense

    During the last 12 months, Kaspersky detected more than 5.8 million mobile malicious installation packages. The volume of mobile banking Trojans for 2018 Q1-Q3 was more than 40% higher than for the entire 2017.

    • Mobile anti-malware – protects against the latest threats

      In addition to traditional, signature-based protection, Kaspersky Security for Mobile includes heuristic analysis – with cloud-assisted threat intelligence delivered by Kaspersky Security Network, so your business benefits from multilayered, real-time protection against the latest mobile threats. To assist with security administration, Over the Air (OTA) updates help ensure that every employee's mobile devices have our latest security installed.

    • Web protection – safeguards against Internet dangers

      Users can access secure mobile browsing on Android devices.

      Whether you're using a Chrome-based browser or the Samsung Internet Browser, websites are checked before they're opened – and phishing or infected webpages are automatically blocked.

      Administrators can easily block access to sites that don't conform to corporate usage policies – such as social media, gambling, retail and adult websites, plus proxy servers.

    • Rooting protection – blocks potentially dangerous devices

      When users root a mobile device, it can compromise security and expose the device to exploits. Kaspersky Security for Mobile makes it easy for administrators to:

      • Block rooted devices – so they can't access corporate data and applications
      • Delete data that's stored on rooted devices
    • Anti-theft features – help keep sensitive data safe

      When a mobile device is lost or stolen, sensitive corporate data could be at risk. That's why Kaspersky Security for Mobile includes multiple anti-theft features that can be operated remotely. Users can:

      • Lock the missing device
      • Wipe data from the device
      • Find the device's approximate location
      • Sound an alarm on the device
      • Take a 'mugshot' photo of the unauthorized user
      • Automatically receive the device's new number – if the device's SIM is replaced

      Google Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) and Apple Push Notifications (APNs) help ensure that devices on these platforms receive anti-theft commands quickly.

    • Application Control

      Administrators can control which applications can be installed or launched on devices that have access to corporate systems and data. Easy-to-configure tools help to ensure only approved applications can be downloaded onto devices. Administrators can create whitelists of permitted applications and blacklists of applications that should be blocked. Integration with Kaspersky Security Network makes creating and managing blacklists and whitelists easy. In addition, compliance control helps administrators to restrict access by non-compliant devices and automatically enforce anti-theft features.

    Mobile Device Management (MDM)

    Because Kaspersky Security for Mobile gives administrators a single interface for managing each platform's MDM functionality, it saves time and helps to roll-out unified security policies.

    • MDM support – gives administrators easy access to vital tools

      Integration with leading mobile device management platforms helps enable easy application of group or individual policies – for Android and iOS – through a single interface.

      Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, iOS MDM and Samsung KNOX are also supported so administrators can set up mandatory policies for use of passwords and settings for APN/VPN, restrictions on the use of cameras, Bluetooth, etc.

      Kaspersky Security for Mobile also includes management of iOS-supervised devices, giving system administrators comprehensive management rights and further enhancing user security.

    • Working profiles – add more control

      Using Android Enterprise, businesses can create work profiles for enabled Android devices. Administrators can set up business apps and manage their usage on devices.

      Support for Samsung KNOX helps administrators to manage firewall settings, APN, VPN and Exchange Server settings for Samsung devices.

    Simplified mobility enablement and management

    Kaspersky Security for Mobile helps businesses to reduce mobile management complexity and streamline security and management tasks.

    • Ease of deployment – saves time and effort

      It's easy to customize mobile endpoint security – and use Over the Air (OTA) provisioning to deliver the security agent to each device - via Google Play, the App Store or our Self-Service Portal (SSP).

      Simply send a link or QR code for each mobile device – via email or SMS message – and after deployment, the device will automatically connect to Kaspersky Security Center.

      For Samsung Android devices, Kaspersky Security for Mobile can be deployed through the Samsung KNOX Mobile Enrollment console, to enroll devices with batch installation and initial configuration.

      Advanced features for Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) can also be deployed and managed via third-party EMM systems including VMware AirWatch, MobileIron, IBM MaaS360 and SOTI MobiControl.

    • Self-Service Portal – helps reduce the load on administrators

      Kaspersky Security for Mobile includes a password-protected, Self-Service Portal that helps users to perform a range of basic administration tasks for themselves. When a user wants to connect a new device to your corporate network, the Self-Service Portal will guide them through the process – and make sure the device has the necessary security installed.

      The portal also gives users access to key anti-theft features – so users can lock, wipe and locate their missing devices, without having to request help from an administrator.

    • Centralized console – helps manage all devices

      The on-premises version of Kaspersky Security for Mobile is managed via Kaspersky Security Center – whereas the cloud-based version is managed via a cloud-based console. Whichever version you choose, you'll have the convenience of a single console that gives administrators centralized access to the vast majority of security functions.

      Each console provides administrators with a 'single pane of glass' view – for the management of security on mobile devices, laptops, desktops, servers, virtual machines and more. This level of integration is only possible because all of our endpoint security technologies have been developed in-house, from the same code-base.

    • Protection indicator – assesses protection level for each device

      The Kaspersky Security Center console includes a protection level indicator that gives administrators an 'at a glance' assessment of the protection level for each mobile device. The indicator classifies each device's protection level as 'high', 'medium' or 'low'.

    • Role-Based Access Control – helps to assign and divide responsibilities

      If your business runs a large network, Role-Based Access Control can help you to divide security management responsibilities between multiple administrators. For example, you may want one administrator to control and manage security for endpoints and mobile devices, while another administrator takes care of security across all servers.

    • Multi-platform support – helps keep more devices secure

      With support for Android and iOS, Kaspersky Security for Mobile helps you to secure and manage the most popular smartphones and tablets – all from a single management console.

    How to buy

    Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mobile is included in the following products:

    The above products can also be purchased on subscription, with flexible, monthly licensing. Please check with your local partner about subscription availability in your country – and see the relevant system requirements here.

  • For the most complete, up-to-date requirements, please refer to Kaspersky Knowledge Base.

    • Operating systems

      • Android 4.2 – 10.0
      • iOS 10.0 – 13, iPadOS
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