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Safe Kids
KasperskySafe Kids

Watch over your children, even when you’re not around

Protect your kids online and offline with award-winning parental controls. Get flexible tools that help you safeguard their activities, monitor their behavior and teach them self-control. Our tools let you:

  • Block access to innapropriate or harmful content
  • Set screen time limits per child, per device
  • Track your kids’ location with GPS
Compatible with:
  • Windows®
  • macOS®
  • Android™
  • iOS®
Safe Kids
Safe Kids
KasperskySafe Kids

Protect your kids when they’re out of your sight

  • Track & pinpoint your kids’ whereabouts 24/7 on a digital map inside your app
  • Set an area you want your kids to stay in - and get notified if they step outside it

Setting up Kaspersky Safe Kids is easy


See the difference that Kaspersky Safe Kids makes

Sometimes the Internet can take over

When it comes to online activities, kids usually need supervision. Just to make sure they don’t develop unhealthy habits, like gaming too much or staying glued to their devices 24/7.

Not all the web is child friendly

Lots of websites are for adults. Because the Internet is open to everyone, it’s easy for kids to stumble upon inappropriate content.

Encourage a focus on education

With tools that let you manage websites, games and apps usage, it’s easy to help your kids learn online without distractions.

Deliver positive online experiences

By creating filters, you can make sure your kids enjoy the Internet safely - without needing to check up on them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do not postpone your child’s protection

Online content filter
Protect your kids from inappropriate websites and content*
Safe search in YouTube
Block your kids’ YouTube search requests deemed harmful**
Apps usage control
Manage app use by time used, age restrictions or category***
Screen time management
Manage the amount of time your kids spend on their devices*
Screen time scheduling
Set up exact time periods when screen time should be limited by device*
GPS child locator
See where your kids go on a map & safe area for them to stay in
Battery tracker
Be notified when your kids are low on battery so you don’t lose touch
YouTube activities history
Discover your kids 'interests by viewing their YouTube search and watch history**
Real-time alerts
Get alert if kids try to access bad sites & apps, leave safe area & more
* Full functionality is available for PC, Mac and Android-based devices. For iOS devices, web filtering and screen time management are available via Apple Family account for devices with iOS 15.0+. For iOS 12.0-14.0 devices, web filtering is available via Kaspersky Safe Kids browser only, and device use control is implemented via “Time is up” alert showing on child’s screen if they exceed their time limit.
** Safe Search on YouTube is compatible with browsers on Windows and Android devices, and with Kaspersky Safe Kids browser on your iOS devices. Plus it works inside the official YouTube app for Android. YouTube watch history is collected for child's activity via Chrome browser on Android, and via supported browsers on Windows PC, with reports available in Kaspersky Safe Kids installed in parent mode on your Android devices.
*** Due to restrictions with iOS operating system, only age-appropriate limitations are possible when managing app use.