Kaspersky Employee Skills Training Platform is designed to teach and reinforce technical cybersecurity hygiene skills. Offered as a modular on-access interactive tool, it is recommended for effective security education of all non-IT employees.

See how the Platform works by trying the free interactive demos below. Please note that these demos are not a complete version of our training course. The full Platform consists of 25+ training modules of 15 minutes each, as well as assessment tools, auto-enrollment in training modules, advanced analytics and reporting functionality.

Interactive Training Modules

Simulated Phishing Attacks

Ready-to-go customizable templates of phishing emails, ranging from the very basic to the highly sophisticated, demonstrate the key points employees learn when they receive simulated phishing emails. If users click on a simulated phishing link, download an attachment or enter information on a fake landing page, they receive a "just-in-time" training message with a memo on how to recognize phishing emails. The Platform auto-assigns relevant training modules to those who fail a test.

Try clicking the links in this demo to see how it works.