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Listen, Chrome…

It appears that PCs are not only able to spy on you via cameras, but they’re also able to listen in on you on as well, and in a discreet

RAM Scrapers and Other Point-of-Sale Malware

While the breach itself seemed only to impact those of us in the United States, chances are you’re aware that the American retail giant <a href=”http://threatpost.com/target-attackers-took-11-gb-of-data-researchers-say/103691″>Target suffered an enormous data

Gaming Console Hacks

For as long as I’ve been working in the security industry, which – in the spirit of full disclosure – hasn’t been a very long time, I have been shocked


We talk about hackable consumer devices a lot here on the Kaspersky Daily. Generally though, the hacks are hypothetical, performed in controlled environments by computer scientists and professional hackers, some